Mission + Values


The mission of the Southeastern Alliance for Reproductive Equity (SEARE) is to align reproductive rights, health, and justice organizations serving diverse communities in the Southeast.


We envision a diversified and unified movement in the Southeast for full and equitable access to liberatory reproductive rights and health information and services.



We are committed to learning, to admitting what we don’t know, and doing the work to expand.


We are building an equitable movement that is expansive in race, ethnicity, age, language, ability, gender, and sexualities; regardless of citizenship status. The foundation of our movement is diverse communities. We must build bridges.

All In

We serve together and take individual responsibility for realizing our collective mission. We are present in mind, body, and spirit.


We acknowledge the history of reproductive oppression and white supremacy in the Southeast and uplift these stories in our work. We must know where we’ve been to inform and guide us to where we are going.


We prioritize and uplift the leadership of black, indigenous, and women of color, cis and trans. We build leaders through intentional outreach and training.


We seek to be transformed in the service of the work.


We strive to take accountability for the harms we commit - individually and organizationally- and to create more space for accountability in our movement.